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Digital Clocks

Newest Model CR-23

Rounded Wall Clock, Analog with LCD to display Athan time and date, multiple Athan sound ( Makkah, Medina, Quds, Egypt and Riyadh)

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The Al-Fajr azan clocks come directly from Saudi Arabia and we are accredited to sell them in the United States. Reach out for any questions!

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    Keeps you on your prayer. It's so wonderful to have the Makkah and Madinah adhans, bring back great memories of umrah.

    - Hannah (Amazon)

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    The clock came nicely packaged, compact size, multiple Prayer times calculator, Azan tone has different levels from low to high. Very convenient. The distributer did a smart thing, they printed specific instruction for North America for complete set up guidence. I liked how they were keen about their customers.

    - Diaa (Amazon)

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    We love the Azan clock. Ever since the pandemic my toddlers are home with me. They hear the Azam 5 times daily. It’s such a positive Islamic learning.

    - Raffy (Amazon)

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    Excellent! I would recommend it!

    -Dalila (Amazon)