Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a one hour different in Azan times?

Make sure the DST (Daylight Saving Time) option is set correctly. More information in the user guide. 

How do I set up the Azan clock?

You can follow the user guide provided with your clock, or use the online version. If you are having trouble setting up the clock, email us at  sales@salawatstore.com and we can guide you through setting the clock. 

What should I do if my city is not mentioned?

You can add your own city using the longitude and latitude.  More instructions in the manual.

How can I set Fajr alarm to ring 30 minutes after the Fair Azan daily?

Suppose today’s Fajr azan is at 4:00 AM. Set the alarm to 4:30. After this initial setting, the alarm will be automatically adjusted everyday to ring 30 minutes after Fajr azan.

Does this come with a power cord?

No. The clock is made to use with batteries (that lasts for a very long time), but there is an option to use a power cord. It is adaptable with a USBC cable and there is no need to use batteries when using a power cable